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Packet Format
.____________ ______ _______ __________________ ________
|            |      |       |                  |        |
| Address (2)| Cmd  | Psize | PayLoad( Psize ) | ChkSum |

Default Commands (should be available for all types of HsNet nodes ):

Cmd Field Value 0x01
Command description returns the 32bit module Id ( see module ID format )
Payload size 0 bytes
Payload description void
returns as ack empty ACK packet

Command CMD_ACK
Cmd Field Value 0x02
Command description reserved for ACK messages
Payload size Variable according to each ACKed command
Payload description variable according to each ACKed command
returns as ack N/A

Cmd Field Value 0x03
Command description changes the address of the node and records its non volatile memory (when available)
Payload size 2 bytes
Payload description Unsigned Char Address_MSB
Unsigned Char Address_LSB
returns as ack empty ACK packet