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I have started this project because I needed simple networking between several really simple microcontrollers. When I say simple, really mean it as I was targeting MCUs with no internal hardware UART (nor i2C nor SPI nor CAN...you get the picture)!
The goal is to create a really lightweight (in both memory and peripheral hw requirements) stack to provide simple MCUs with simple networking capabilities that will be used in several of my projects (and who knows, maybe other people may like it , use it or contribute to it!).

The Specs:


HsNet itself is just the specification seen above... but that's no fun without implementation right!? So here are the current real world implementations of it :


  • HsNet can be implemented over other communication layers/protocols :
    • Already used/Tested on:
      • RS485 + SoftUart
      • RS232
    • But we could use
      • Low cost 2.4Ghz Transceivers (good old NordicSemi for example)
      • 802.15.4
      • High level TCP socket streams
      • High level UDP 'streams'

What's next?

  • The HsNet Todo List , next features to consider for the next revision (including ideas contributed by the community)


If you wish to contact me for any reason you can do so by the contact form @ hackeneering.com (external link) (if this doesn't work by any reason shoot an email at , you'll reach me ;) )